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NFM is the NFM Coalition, a 501(c)6 nonprofit, and the NFM Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Become an Active Member — Your contribution may support lobbying by the NFM Coalition;  you are eligible to help shape NFM’s work through advisory and leadership positions.  When you join, you can make an optional, additional fully tax-deductible donation to the NFM Foundation.

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 NFM projects and activities include:
  • a successful five-year campaign working in coalition with union partners to secure Department of Labor guidance to facilitate adjunct faculty access to unemployment
  • critical research such as our Back-to-School Survey which was the basis for the report “Who Is Professor Staff?
  • joint projects and collaborations, including, for example,  with unions, the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education and the Center for the Study of Academic Labor;
  • our Women and Contingency Project, which exposes the disproportionate impact of contingent academic employment on women;
  • our National Arts Project, which gives doubly contingent practitioner/professors in the arts a venue for using their talents in the service of activism and which is launching the Campus Equity Week 2017 theme;
  • our ongoing policy education project, through which we inform constituents and policymakers about adjunct-related issues that need their attention, such as access to unemployment, accurate data collection and public disclosure; access to student loan forgiveness, and FLSA reform.