Given by New Faculty Majority/The NFM Foundation

in recognition of activism on behalf of contingent faculty
through writing and other forms of creative expression


Steve M. Street was one of New Faculty Majority‘s earliest mentors and leaders. His dedication and many years of activism are at the heart of NFM’s work, especially the Unemployment Compensation Initiative, which now bears his name.

Steve’s dedication to advocacy through writing was well known.  As an accomplished writer, he was a trusted advisor and collaborator, co-authoring key NFM publications including “Who Is Professor Staff and How Can This Person Teach So Many Courses?” In addition to influential pieces published in the higher education press, Steve started a blog that he gave to NFM to administer in September 2009. Steve was also financially generous to NFM. His bequest was critical to NFM’s ability to engage in advocacy and to ensuring its future.

By establishing this award, NFM hopes to encourage other activists to follow Steve’s example.  Like Steve, award recipients will be recognized for:  using their talents to advance the causes of economic and social justice; engaging in fearless intellectual critique with artistry, integrity, and compassion; and always remaining committed to the mission at the heart of contingent faculty activism:  teaching and learning.

About the Award

The Steve Street Award for Extraordinary Faculty Activism will be announced in 2015 on Steve’s birthday, November 17.  The award will consist of a $500 prize and publication/recognition in a venue to be determined. Please send nominations to

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who has written, performed or otherwise expressed his or her advocacy in a public venue including social media is eligible.*  Nominations for the 2015 award must be received by November 13.

To submit a nomination, please include the nominee’s full name and contact information, including email address and telephone number, as well as the nominator’s name and contact information. Please include either a copy of the piece(s) that form the basis of the nomination or provide a working link. Email your nomination materials to

*Staff and board members of New Faculty Majority and the New Faculty Majority Foundation and their immediate family are not eligible for the award.