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NFM engages in official advocacy by writing letters on behalf of individuals, by addressing issues of widespread concern in op-eds and in interviews in the media, and by working in coalitions and professional organizations.

However, advocacy by petition has become increasingly common and can be a very effective way to call attention to an issue and even to effect positive change.  As a grassroots, community action, it not only takes a stand on behalf of an individual or an issue, but continues to build a community of informed citizens engaging in basic democracy.

NFM has promoted or initiated petitions including:

  • to defend Missouri contingent faculty members Judy Ancel and Don Giljum from an attack by Andrew Breitbart and to demand Giljum’s reinstatement after his appointment was revoked [result:  Ancel and Giljum were vindicated and Giljum reinstated]
  • to protest VP Joe Biden’s contention that high college costs are the result of high faculty salaries: Read the petition.
  • to demand better pay for adjuncts: Sign the petition.
  • to protest adjunct faculty member Sissy Bradford’s treatment by Texas A&M University San Antonio after she objected to the presence of crosses on public property: Read the petition.
If you know of or have started a petition that you would like to ask us to promote, please contact us at