In the News: Unemployment Victory, New Adjunct Union, NFM Profile, Staffer Award, and Op-eds

  • Pacific Standard story on Precaricorps, the new aid/activst nonprofit
  • Inside Higher Ed story tells of unique unemployment clause in new California adjunct contract, reports DOL is still “studying” the possibility of issuing a new guidance letter on unemployment for adjunct faculty
  • Allegheny Community College adjuncts have voted to form a union  — report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • The Belt, a Cleveland-based independent magazine reporting on issues of interest to rust belt states, uses the personal story of NFM’s Maria Maisto to frame its overview of the contingent faculty movement
  • NFM re-launches its blog
  • NFM’s Marisa Allison wins ASA Dentler Award
  • Op-eds by Maisto, Rhoades, support adjunct organizing in the New York Times

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