Get a Just-in-Time Tax Deduction to Fight Just-in-Time Faculty Hiring

If you or someone you know is looking to make a charitable donation in time to get a 2015 tax deduction, we hope you will consider — or encourage others to consider — a donation to New Faculty Majority‘s affiliated 501(c)3, the NFM Foundation.
We are very much aware that the last thing most contingent faculty have to spare is cash, especially during the winter “break,” as they wait for news of classes being cancelled or reassigned, as they do unpaid prep, scramble for last minute assignments, and try to plan for survival until they are paid, at the earliest, in late January or even well into February.  It’s these all-too-familiar features of precarious academic employment that NFM and NFMF exist to combat.
It’s also why we want you to be part of New Faculty Majority and the NFM Foundation, no matter what your situation is.  So we have lots of options:
1. Sign up at no cost to be on our mailing list — get periodic news updates in your email, or follow us on your own time on social media.
2. Join our 501(c)6 membership organization, which supports lobbying and targeted actions, at a suggested dues rate of $15 for the year — more or less depending on what you can afford, and possibly tax deductible (consult your tax advisor).
3. Make a totally tax-free donation to our 501(c)3 Foundation, which engages in research, education, and advocacy on critical issues for quality higher education and ethical academic employment practices.
4. Encourage others to join and/or donate.
5. Look for and take our upcoming survey, coming in January, to help us determine the direction we need to go in our work. We were founded and are led by current and former adjuncts and their allies, and are dedicated to improving the quality of higher education by transforming the working conditions of the majority of its faculty. Our foundational principle is that faculty working conditions are student learning conditions.  
We support the growing movement of contingent faculty organizing within and outside of unions, and educate and advocate for specific policy reforms, including equal compensation and benefits, access to basic rights from academic freedom to unemployment insurance, and institutions’ disclosure of  and accountability for their treatment of faculty on precarious appointments. Learn more,, Facebook, Twitter, and our blog, Majority Rule.
In Solidarity,
The Board Members of New Faculty Majority and the NFM Foundation
Maria Maisto, Matt Williams, Robin Sowards, Anne Wiegard, Judy Olson, Karen Lentz Madison, April Freely, Lee Kottner, Joe Berry, Sue Doe, Nate Dumas, Pablo Eisenberg, Claire Goldstene, Mary Gray, Seth Kahn, Anne McLeer, Char Mollison, Gary Rhoades, Heather Wathington

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