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Note: NFM does not provide legal counsel, nor should its advice be understood as legal advice. 

NFM does compile information about legal issues and resources, and when possible facilitates contact between individual contingent faculty or contingent faculty groups and legal resources.

NFM seeks to create a legal assistance fund to which individuals may donate.  Please contact us for more information, or to volunteer to assist either through fundraising or locating pro bono legal support, or to suggest additional resources or links.




Adjunct Law Prof Blog

Cervisi v. Unemployment Unemployment Ins. Appeals Bd. (1989) (CA) - writ of mandate guaranteeing access to unemployment benefits for CA contingents.

"Contingent Faculty and the Courts" by Donna Euben (AAUP)

Garcetti v. Ceballos (2006) - US Supreme Court Case on free speech protections for public employees

Mader vs. Health Care Authority 2004 (WA) - provided access to healthcare for adjunct faculty - class action lawsuit

MLA on Garcetti v. Ceballos (2006) 

NFM's Unemployment Compensation Initiative

National Employment Law Project

Employment Justice Center -- advocates for low-wage workers in the Washington DC metropolitan area

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

"Legal Contingencies for Contingent Professors" by Donna Euben (AAUP; at Chronicle of Higher Education) - subscription required

Washington State Senate Services Report on Part time Faculty at Colleges and Universities (Summer 2011) by Ailey Kato - see pp. 33-35 "Statutory Law Regarding Part time Faculty" and pp. 36-40 "Litigation"


Adjuncts and the Law -- News Stories

2012: IL court rejects joint adjunct/tenure line union at U Illinois Chicago

2012: Michael Kinsley on law professor age discrimination case

2011: Judge rules lawsuit by adjunct over sexual orientation discrimination will proceed

2010: San Jose College Pays $100,000 to Settle Adjunct's Lawsuit Over Dismissal

2010: Writing Center Instructor Loses Lawsuit over political discrimination in application for tenure-track job

2010: Part-time instructors take full-time union to court at Madison Area Technical College

2009: Lecturer awarded settlement in age discrimination suit in California 

2009: Massachussetts adjuncts healthcare lawsuit: Inside Higher EdBoston Globe; Salem News

2007: Adjunct wins age-discrimination suit in Chicago

2006: Transgendered adjunct loses discrimination suit against Estrella Community College (AZ)